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What is a Public Market?              Timeline          


What is a Public Market?

A Public Market is a year-round, carefully crafted, intentional and diverse medley of owner-operated shops, stalls and/or "daytables". Public Markets have been the heart and soul of communities as long as people have lived in cities. Public Markets exist to fulfill a public purpose and to reflect what is distinctive about a community while serving its everyday shopping needs.

Public Markets typically focus on the sale of a full array of fresh and prepared foods, and crafts. They are often rounded out by a variety of needed neighborhood businesses. They often include a farmers’ market component, augmented seasonally with locally made crafts. They prohibit chain stores and franchises. They focus on businesses that are locally owned and operated which highlight local foods, crafts, music, character, heritage and culture.

Typically, Public Markets are owned and operated by public or non-profit entities. They exist for multiple public purposes, such as a small business incubator, tourist attraction, job creator, access to fresh food, increase to surrounding property values, historic preservation, etc.

La Marqueta Internacional will be your public market. You will be its store owners, its artists and its customers. Nearly every member of the East Harlem community will find a place in La Marqueta that celebrates a piece of their history and culture. And above all else, La Marqueta will create a common ground – a physical space – in East Harlem to which all its diverse residents can point to and be proud.

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